Preventing and Treating Burns in Kids

When children grow they starts learning each and everything by experience. But certain things cannot be allowed to be experienced by them. Children never know that touching fire or hot substances can cause them skin burns. It is ideally parent’s duty to make them aware of these things. You should educate the child on what will be the consequence if fire is touched. No matter how careful you are, there may still arise situations in which children can get burns. Always prevention is better, if you have children at home you need to definitely take some precaution steps.

  • Never keep hot vessels or vessels with hot food or water in reachable height to the children.
  • Don’t hold kids in one hand and cook; try possibly not to have kids in kitchen while cooking or after cooking.
  • Don’t use table cloths, since kids might pull them when hot food items are placed on the table.
  • Don’t leave hot kids food near them, since they are used to their bowl and they might try to eat themselves.
  • When using electric appliances like water heater or iron box unplug it immediately after using it and keep it out of reach, since kids have the habit to try what adults do.
  • If you have any worn out electrical wires immediately replace them.
  • Check the water temperature in water tub before letting your kids in the tub.
  • Dress the kids to their normal size, avoid over sized dresses.

preventing burns in children

It’s not always possible to monitor the kids 24 hrs, there might be some instance when they might get burns accidentally. Unfortunately if it happens you should not panic and act immediately to do first aid .You should know what to do and what not to do to reduce the severity of the burns instead of increasing it.

  • Pour cool water gently over the burnt area or soak the body part in cool water, remember cool water not ice water or ice.
  • Undress the kid and remove any accessories like chains or rings if the kid is wearing.
  • Warp the burnt area with cold, clean and wet soft towel.
  • Give some pain killers to help within stand the pain.
  • Don’t put butter, spray or any other ointment which is not prescribed.
  • After doing first aid consult a physician for deep burns.
  • if the burns are very deep then physician might prescribe for surgery to make the skin normal.
  • If the burns are caused by electrical appliances then it is strongly recommended to visit a physician.

Lastly it is always better to have hospital ambulance and emergency phone numbers handy to be used in case of urgency, instead of searching and wasting time which adds more stress.

Balcony Safety Tips for Kids

When your kid takes its first foot step to walk on its own it’s really more pleasurable and exciting to watch. Even some parents would like to record it and watch it over and over. Kids start walking from the age of 8 months to 1 year. But they don’t understand what we say at that age. They try to explore each and everything in the house. So when they start crawling or walking they keep roaming around the house almost all the time when they are awake. When kids start walking parents should spend more time in monitoring them. You should take special care such that they don’t reach the balcony or stairs, also you need to pay more attention to set up the balcony if you have kids at home.

Balcony Safety Tips for Kids

  • You can always keep the balcony door closed. But in some cases you cannot always keep it closed. In such cases you need to make sure that a small fence is fixed so that crawling babies or small kids cannot cross it over and reach the balcony.
  • If the balcony has railings then be sure that the space between each railing is very small so that is it not possible even for small crawling babies to slip through it.
  • Don’t leave any furniture near the balcony, since kids can try to reach the balcony for sight seeing by climbing the furniture, which is not safe.
  • Don’t sit on balcony walls, since kids try to imitate what elders do.
  • Balcony door keys should be out of reach from children, since they learn quickly how to open door by watching elders.
  • When you go on a party or for a holiday trip and if you have kids with you, then its elders responsibly to inspect the rooms before allowing the kids to play on their own. Since you cannot expect all safety measures to be in place and perfect in a holiday resort or in your friends house. Same type of problem is associated with windows where there are no railings.

If you are carrying a kid and standing in balcony or near a window then you should be more careful. If a friend or family member wants to surprise or shock you and screams from behind, that one second of shock to you might cause a big mishap. Also don’t carry too many things like cell phone, baby food items, and toys along with the kid in hand. Since if any thing falls by mistake and it is quite natural to catch the falling item, but you must not loose your balance and create a greater loss for yourself. It is true having balcony and sight seeing is very enjoyable, but you should be more cautious and also even educate the kids as they grow up.